Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Clarion Home Inspections is certified to conduct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inspections in the province of BC.

IAQ inspections are used to determine the levels of potentially harmful molds or allergens that may be present in the indoor living environment. They are most often beneficial in situations where homes have been damaged by moisture or past damp conditions. IAQ inspections and air sampling are also most often required at properties where marijuana grow-ops are known to have existed.

An IAQ inspection will provide reliable information about the types and densities of molds present inside a home or building. The service includes and a detailed inspection report that explains the findings of the inspection makes recommendations for any remediation work required.

Our indoor air quality inspections are comprehensive and include an in-depth assessment of all accessible building areas. Infrared scans and moisture meters are useful tools that can find problem areas that may not be visible to the naked eye and are used in all our indoor air quality inspections.

Air sampling is also a part of all our IAQ inspections. Air samples are taken and sent for analysis by an accredited laboratory to help determine the presence and densities of indoor molds. Results of the lab finding will be forwarded to the client, along with a written summary that explains their implications and describes any remediation repairs that may be required. As with all our inspections services, our IAQ inspections come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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