Infrared Cameras

Clarion Home Inspections uses infrared cameras in all our building inspections.

Infrared cameras are devices that can be used to convert surface temperature into a visual image. People often think of them being used in search and rescue situations, where a person’s body heat makes them easily visible through an infrared camera, but they can also be extremely useful when used as a part of a home inspection.

Using an infrared camera as a part of a building inspection can help detect the type of problems that were often missed in the past.

It requires training and practice, but an experienced home inspector can use the images generated from an infrared camera to detect problems that are otherwise invisible, such as dampness in ceilings, missing insulation, plumbing leaks and electrical hot spots inside walls and ceilings. Infrared cameras are a still a fairly new technology in the building inspection industry that, because of the high costs and training required, are not used by most home inspectors.

Clarion Home Inspections uses infrared cameras in all our inspection services at no extra cost to our clients. Our opinion is that any building inspection that excludes an infrared scan will be incomplete and may have an increased potential for the presence of undetected deficiencies.

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