Recall Chek

Our home inspections include the ReCall Chek service that will allow household appliances to be checked for product recalls. Clients are notified about recalled appliances and all required repairs are completed free of charge.

We like to believe that the appliances in our homes will be safe but the fact is that over the past two three decades there have been over 200 million product recalls affecting household appliances in North America.

In our experience, around one in four homes will have at least one faulty appliance installed that may be unsafe to operate. Faulty appliances are now among the leading causes of house fires and property damage in North America.

Recall Chek is a service that will help protect clients by checking the appliances in their homes for product recalls that may be unsafe. The service includes a detailed report that describes any applicable recalls and gives instructions on how to go about having them repaired. The cost of repairs of recalled appliances will be absorbed by the product manufacturer and will always be free to consumers.

Ask around and you will find that most home inspectors do not include even a basic testing of appliances in their services, never mind the added value of having them checked for potentially dangerous recalls. The Recall Chek service is just one more example of Clarion Home Inspections going the extra distance to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

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